The Girl That Love Forgot” by Michael Hanson

On the heels of one of the more highly regarded YouTube cover performances of Leonard Cohen’s famous “Hallelujah” … Michael Hanson now raises the bar once again – this time for pure originality – on his new outstanding debut single “The Girl That Love Forgot” . This track was written, Produced and performed by the 5 Time Juno Award winner and ex-Glass Tiger Drummer … and has been called by many as “simply stunning”. A Beatle-like, haunting ballad cut from the same cloth as “She’s Leaving Home”, Canadian hockey-player-turned-artist Hanson even sometimes resembles a latter day ‘Beatle Paul’ in his classic hook-ridden melody work (and even sometimes in his physical mannerisms while performing!). With eclectic chord changes that are drop dead outta-this-world, this beautiful acoustic, organic track speaks of a young girl haunted by loneliness. Meant as a veiled lyrical perspective on Mental Health issues in young females (a trend noticed by Hanson in the last 10 years and now a tribute to his cousin Jackie Brunck who committed suicide in 2017) this piece is pure art – and looks to potentially be the pinnacle in the latter part of Hanson’s long career.