Tracking the soldier By Deane Nesbitt Jr.

The track starts with an exquisite, calm woodwind tune that conveys the tune all through the tune’s approximately three-minute runtime. It is a grave bit of music that is as pondering as it is impactful, a great tribute to a departed memory, or maybe even somebody who has passed away.

The track incorporates with a bagpipe arrangement that can’t resist the urge to make one think about a trooper’s memorial service. This would be a magnificent soundtrack for a significant scene in an emotional film. There’s no uncertainty about it: Nesbitt has still got it!

Deane Nesbitt Jr. has composed music for years, he does not read music. His unique background consists of practicing law for 16 years, co-founding an investment management company and writing an illustrated history of a 1912 investment bank.

Deane’s music has been aired on more than 300 radio stations across America and Canada. His recent CD, Music in Search of a Movie, won the Philby Award in the United States for being one of the top 100 music CDs of 2015 and the Best Dramatic Music of the year. The album ranked on five CMJ charts for New World Music, reaching one of the top three positions on each. You can listen to Deane’s music on Spotify.

Link to the single (Tracking the Soldier)