Steadicam Operator Of The Short Film Steadicam Operator Of The Short Film Stray Sheep, Sacha Naceri

What do actors Zendaya, Zoe Saldaña, Selena Gomez and Russell Crowe, along with fashion diseigner Nina Ricci have in common?

Okay, we’ll tell you because you will never guess. The thing these very interesting people and many other talented actors and creatives have in common is Sacha Naceri, the astute and very experienced Steadicam operator. He has been a Steadicam operator for over eight years and has worked on an infinite number of motion pictures, commercials and music videos and is certified by the official Garret Brown Steadicam Workshop in Philadelphia. Garrett Brown invented the Steadicam in 1975 and since then, hundreds of productions have been shot utilizing his camera stabilization system and many of those have won Oscars for Best Cinematography.

The Steadicam was designed to separate the camera from the operator’s movement during a tracking or dolly shot. The result is a smooth shot whether the operator is walking, running or going up or down stairs. It’s as though the camera were floating through the air with no obstacles to inhibit its movement.

Sach Naceri is well known in the film industry for his great work as a Steadicam operator. His meticulousness is awesome, which demonstrates a commitment to elevating visual narratives. His innovative camera movement and his patience and his willingness to collaborate with directors to get the best shots and to push the limits of what the Steadicam can deliver is legendary is amazing.

He has worked worldwide on providing his brand of excellence as a Steadicam operator to feature length movies and short films, music videos and commercials.Some of the projects that he has worked on are: The movie “Vermines” (Vermin) in 2023. Sacha was the Steadicam operator on this film, which was nominated for a Caesar award at the Cannes Film Festival. He worked closely with the director Sebastien Vanicek, on creating the camera movements. It was produced by My Box Films and Netflix.

Sacha was also the Steadicam operator on the short film “Stray Sheep,” which was directed by Madja Amin and shot in the Netherlands. He and the director worked together creating the Steadicam movements and the film won Bronze at the CICLOPE FESTIVAL.

Sacha has been incredibly busy the past few years working on numerous projects. One of the feature length Motion Pictures he was the Steadicam operator for was “The Pope’s Exorcist,” starring Russell Crowe for Sony Pictures. The director was Julius Avery and the director of Photography was Khalid Mohtaseb. We would certainly name more films, etc. but there is not enough room here to mention any more.