Bring Me Surprises – Filipe Ferin

Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Portugal and known for his acoustic/electric and very eclectic signature sound, Alt/Indie solo artist Filipe Ferin is slated to release his newest catalogue of masterpieces with the upcoming EP The End’s Magic on December 23rd.

It’s hard to come by really passionate artists like Filipe nowadays, where you create music out of genuine love for your craft, your fans, and overall artistic merit. The End’s Magic is a beautiful journey into story-telling anthems, ambient guitar lines and swift songwriting structures that really puts together a wholesome sound and validity to Filipe‘s authentic style and passion.

Utilizing a vocal style that has a very broad range, each track from The End’s Magic is versatile with several musicianship factors that standout. Filipe‘s vocal style is multifaceted and crafts his melody choices diligently through every measure. The choruses are catchy, the guitar progressions are futuristic, and each song resonates with each other perfectly with both musical and lyrical content.

From acoustic to electric guitars laying a subtle and sonic foundation to every hook and measure, every instrument and additive brings out the best of Filipe‘s voice and overall tone. Every track offers up a different angle of his style, yet stays true to its signature style and production quality. His acoustic and electric blends of Alt-Rock, Indie and Pop take on a life of its own, and lends touches of both originality and familiarity to keep each track on balance and composure. Everything is well implemented and pieced together correctly, and the many moods and textures of The End’s Magic are magical altogether.

The EP officially releases on December 23rd and will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. It’ll easily be one of your favorite releases before the year is out.

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