Art of the Bleed by Savarre

The conviction drives the Savarre band that music is a medium through which alchemy can take place; hence, they put in a lot of effort to ensure that their music is authentic and unaltered. The honesty with which these pieces are created is conveyed to audiences through the musicians’ music, which enables audiences to understand this sincerity. Savarre released “Art of the Bleed” under XIII Records, which has been regarded as terrifying and impassioned. This enticing music is being offered to Savarre’s audience for their consideration and enjoyment as they enjoy Savarre’s performance. 

The song starts with an atmospheric whirlwind that languidly saunters through a soulful, if not funky, verse and chorus call and forth. Art of the Bleed tells a lyrical, interesting, and intricate story through music that inspires introspection and reflection. Its foundation is a groove that is heavy on the bass, and it has a rock that is both sensual and visceral. Racks are used in the song to convey stories by expressing raw emotion through folktale bloodletting as a metaphor. These metaphors are used throughout the song. The musical group is led by Shannon Denise Evans, a dramatist, novelist, and composer, in addition to being a singer-songwriter and composer. Her singing is incredible in terms of its quality.

There is a strong musical connection there that only those who have been vulnerable can feel, and those who have had to start over emotionally may be able to relate to what Shannon Denise Evans is singing about. 

You can now listen to ‘Art of the Bleed’ through Spotify