MADAM RIOTS Keep on Impressing With Their Music

Madam Riots is the new rock band that is basically from LA. This band has four members, a lead vocalist, a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, and of course a drummer. All of them are awesome and very good musicians and when these four come together they produce such masterpieces that they would rock the whole world with their songs. They are not musicians, they are like the magicians that made you dance just like a bull on their beats. But I have to say that they are very underrated. I bet you if you just attend only a single show of them. You are going to attend every other show. They dominate you and rock just with their tracks. There is a reason they are called the “ROCK n ROLL OUTLAWS”  

The one thing that I like most about them is that they are complete originals. Every single song and beat gives a great sense of originality. If you are not familiar with them and their work, listen to them the first time. The feeling that you get is like you have never experienced before. They are not trend followers, they are trend setters. They do not make the music that is selling like the hell in the market and every other person is making that kind of music to get his game-high.

They are passionate about music and make music because they love doing so. They do not care to fit in the trend and do what everyone is doing. Every album has a versatile and unique tone that is different from all other musicians and even from their work done before that album.

Nowadays, they are busy preparing for the summer onslaught. Summer onslaught will have a series of new songs, listened never before. One of the members in an interview, “summer onslaught will be going to rock the ears.” If you are planning to attend the summer onslaught and other future shows get your tickets from their website. Also, you can update about their new releases from that site. Feel free to check out their website & Instagram @madamriotband