Sweet Yamee Sneak by Walter Black

Sweet Yamee Sneak (remix) is my most recent remix of Sweet Sneak Pete. It starts with intro that hints at Witch Doctors around a campfire. The main body of the song is sultry, seductive, jazzy afro-beat passing through corridors of Electric Dance Music. This song will fun making a video.

Walter Black is the recording artist. Last year his most popular songs were Alternative Rock. Two of the most popular songs were Gotta Get Something Going On and What It Isn’t So It Goes. His music is diverse, including some haunting instrumentals and several Ambient Chill pieces that are popular.

Walter lives in the Los Angeles area near Pasadena. He love riding his bike while listening to Movie Soundtracks or EDM or Progressive Indie artist and ambient music. Spotify describes his music aura as Zen and Wistful.

Before deciding if his latest song is sufficiently polished enough for uploading, he always listens to the recording on his bike. The scrolling scenery from a bike always compliments good music.