Actress, Writer an Director Of Films, The Successful Career Of Gala Nikolic

Who is Gala Nikolic? What does she do and where does she come from? She was born in Rijeka, Croatia and she is a very talented actress, writer and director of films and stage plays. Many of her films, along with plays that she acted in, wrote or directed have been award winners and have been highly praised by critics and audiences. Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations, the film, in which Gala played the part of Eutherpa, is based on the most important literary work of Croatian Renaissance poet Petar Hektorovic, printed in 1568 in Venice.The film also won the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Rade Serbedzija at the Pula Film Festival; the largest and most important film festival in the region. Rade Serbedzija is well known internationally and he has worked with some great directors including, Stanley Kubrick and Guy Richie. He has also worked with Tom Cruise twice, in Mission Impossible 2 and Eyes Wide Shut. He had the unforgettable role of Boris The Blade alongside Brad Pitt and Jason Statham in Snatch and among many more, he worked with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman in Air force One.

Gala won a special award for Land of the Wolves, the play which she wrote and directed. The award was given to her at the Festival of Small Theatre Forms in Zajecar Serbia and it toured for an amazing four years in different regions and at multi-national theaters.

She received high praise and great reviews for the film The More I Insult You, The More I Love You, which she acted in and directed. She also directed the movie I Won’t Make it to 25. Her resumé is full of her many accomplishments and awards and she is constantly adding more creative projects to it on a monthly basis. She is, in reality, a genuine Renaissance woman. Her acting reel and credits on IMDB shows her wide range of emotions and characters she has played and created. It seems as though she was put on this planet to translate words into personas and to magically transform her mind’s images and thoughts to a written word and then into a character on the silver screen.

She can move from one emotion to the next right in front of our eyes. Gala has come a long way from Croatia to Hollywood and we are certainly grateful for every play and film and character that she conjures up and gives life to.