When you look around at all the different species on this incredible planet one begins to realize that there are quite a few creatures that are admirable and even fun to be around. However, ultimately, the choice for the Most Interesting Award will generally and most frequently go to human beings. And why not? They are the most interesting in too many ways to count. Most people would give them the award just for being creative, like musicians Chloe Trujillo and Mark Dalbeth, who have teamed on a new single and the music video that will be released on July 28th. The song is called Lightning Strikes Twice and Chloe describes it as a heavy song that is straight up guitar based with drums, vocals and a bit of keyboard in there.

Chloe was born and raised in the place where people breathe beauty and exhale art, music and style. That would be Paris, of course. Living in a colorful and creative world like that, and parented by fashion designers, with a grandfather who was a professional opera singer, such magical stuff naturally rubbed off easily on this curious woman. Interestingly, though, she took the path of science for a while and studied the structure of matter along with quantum mechanics at university. Fortunately for all of us she came back to her senses, strapped on a set of fairy wings and gently flew over the gray bricks of academia to the technicolor universe of art, design and music.

Mark Dalbeth, the well-known New Zealand musician and songwriter, came to Los Angeles a decade and a half ago and has been on the LA music scene ever since. He and Chloe met at the Global Green “Music For The Planet” concert that singer, writer and Public Relations firm owner Amber Claire organized. Chloe, Mark and Amber all connected there as well as the video’s director, Anne Pruvost, who did such a remarkable job.