Hard Work And Dedication Pays Off For Engineer Steinn McIntosh

Steinn McIntosh was raised by a single mother who taught him two things he has carried on today – independence and empathy. Steinn McIntosh has become one of the most competent and popular professionals in his field due to his humble background in team sports and his fascinating interest in music. But what is interesting is that the man we know as Steinn McIntosh would have never been if he had never taken the bold step to move to Los Angeles. As a young adult, Steinn believed in the promise of Los Angeles and was determined to make a name for himself.

At the heart of Steinn’s competence is a broad skill set covering all audio engineering aspects. From the delicate skill of recording to the precise precision of mastering, Steinn’s expertise has no limits. His understanding of conventional microphone types, signal flow dynamics, and proficiency with industry-standard tools such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio put him in a league.

As aforementioned, Steinn’s path did not begin with honors and certifications; it began with a burning passion for music and an unwavering quest for greatness. His studies at the renowned Musicians Institute founded his successful career. With a GPA that shone like a polished pearl and an insatiable appetite for study, Steinn graduated with professional credentials in Audio Engineering and Artist/Producer/Entrepreneurship, paving the way for his spectacular climb in the business.

Every experience developed Steinn’s talent as he honed his art through internships at some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious studios. From Sound Factory Studio to Studio City Sound, Steinn engaged himself in the complexities of studio life, learning from seasoned experts and gaining firsthand knowledge in client relations, session setup, and more.

However, it was at Ice Cream Sound Studios where Steinn truly excelled. What started as an internship quickly evolved into a position as an engineer, where he oversaw sessions for artists like Desiigner, Lil Migo, and FastCash C Money. His ability to fluidly traverse the studio atmosphere and outstanding technical prowess earned him praise from peers and patrons.

However, Steinn’s abilities extend far beyond the bounds of the studio walls. As an A3 at Design Sound, he moved into live event production, where his experience loading and driving vans, putting up equipment, and transforming venues into sound temples proved helpful.

Steinn is a source of inspiration for young audio engineers and music fans today. His path demonstrates the transformational power of passion, perseverance, and the tireless pursuit of perfection. As he continues to push the limits of what is possible in the music industry, one thing is certain: with Steinn at the helm, the future of sound has never sounded brighter.