Down the line By Snir Yamin

With the release of his newest single “Down The Line,” Snir Yamin is showing the alternative rock world the wondrous music coming from Israel. Continuing on the success of previous singles, “Concrete City,” and “Taking,” Snir is the example of hard work and dedication to his craft, as he approaches these songs with maturity and professionalism. With the catchy, infectious chorus on which Snir, self-harmonizes his vocals we hear a wide range of vocal talent, and dexterity from this young vocalist looking to make his mark in the alt-rock-pop scene. Led by the theme of “Fear is just a shooting star,” “Down The Line” is a feel-good, upbeat piece which leaves the listener entertained, satisfied, yet challenged as this vocalist places himself in a genre rich with vocal talents and diversity. “So-called friends keep watching me, lose my sanity, Down the Line,” this track is rich with metaphor and imagery of this artist yearning to overcome all the obstacles standing in his way to reach the top.

“Down The Line” features a variety of instrumentation choices as the thick, riff-based guitar churns the melodies forward, while the bass lays down an underlying funk which creates a groove to move to. With this groove, this track has legs to propel it into the mainstream pop market, as radio is forever looking for this type of repayable song which locks itself into the listener’s headspace. Pay special attention to the variations on the guitar melodies as Snir changes things up in the bridge section with a palm-muted chugging of the main theme, this dynamic makes the track feel like a complete piece.

The production values brought forth from “Down The line” are well-mixed as all the frequencies can be sounded out, distortion-free at high volumes. Leaving this allotted headroom allows the listener to crank up the bottom-end to fill out a room, which may be lacking from the final mix. Overall, this is a very enjoyable track, and a refreshing take on the pop alt-rock genre. If this is an example of the created music in Israel, we may be in for a new market in the global scene.

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