The World Class Talent Of Musician Andres Vega

Rarely do we get a chance to hear about drummers in bands. The fame and notoriety usually goes to the front man (or woman) and/or to the lead guitarist. However, things do change and when people start singling out the drummer for his extraordinary talent and ability, it is a very good change. Andres Vega, the alternative/hard rock drummer from Mexico City is certainly worthy of all the praise and acknowledgement he has received lately.

He is a founding member of the Hollywood band Bonesteel and they recorded an EP which was produced by the late Augustus Cryns, who was also a drummer, guitarist and songwriter and had worked with and produced recordings for scores of famous musicians and bands.

Andres is also a member of the band Haster, who hail from Orange County and have won many awards in the OC such as Best Metal Band Nominee at the Orange County Music Awards, and Rockstar Uproar Battle of the Bands Winner. Andres joined the band as an official member on April 2016. After he was officially inducted into Haster they began a whirlwind west coast tour that took them from Orange County, California all the way up to Portland, Oregon.

He also played for Vinyl Soul, a Hollywood based Neo-Latin-Soul band, which has garnered some real popularity in The U.K, Japan, U.S and Mexico. In 2018 Andres toured with them and played his drums in places such as New York, Mexico City and Berlin, Germany. The band was also honored to play for the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, in Berlin at a private event.

Andres Vega discovered the world of music at a very young age and was almost immediately attracted to the drums. His passion for the drums and for music in general, led his parents to enroll him in music lessons. Since then he has learned and immersed himself in all types of drum styles, rhythms, beats and timing, but his signature sound is known to be heavy with solid timing and a great feel. He says that his passion and love for music fuels his heavy sound and that they only reflect his unique expression through music and his real life experiences.

Andres Vega, besides all his years of experience in the real world of playing music, he also holds a degree in drum performance, with an emphasis on Independent Artist Development from the famous music conservatory, the Musicians Institute located in Hollywood CA.