Swipe Rixh 2 by Lil Dream

Lil Dream is a alternative/hip-hop artist from the Washington DC area. “Swipe Rixh 2”, his first full-length project in over a year, is available now. The seven-track project is a melting pot of musical inspiration that describes his experieces as a young man living the fast life.We are impressed by the quality of music that’s why we are sharing our experience with our readers here. With the overall mood of the song set in a strong upfront feel and a relentless flow with a knife sharp edge, the lyrics speak of the same as well by emphasizing on not holding back and taking it all out from the bottled closets.

Lil Dream co-produced three songs on “Swipe Rixh 2” and engineered the project in its entirety. Producers on the project include Good Intent, Pentagrvm, Captain Crunch Beats and Moonman Johnny. Fellow artist Lil Gray makes a guest apperance.

“Swipe Rixh 2” is available now on all major music platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music. Check out the music video for the project single “Voss” on YouTube. Follow Lil Dream on Instagram and Twitter, or go here for more information. It’s an exciting number having inspiring and engaging tone. You will have a soothing experience listen to the track.




. Check out the music video for the project single “Voss” on YouTube. Follow Lil Dream on Instagram and Twitter