Asher Laub Single: On the Road has just hit the music industry

The art which begins even before one starts to speak his first word of mouth is an amazing one. The artist whose training starts from his cradle know no bounds. Among those talented souls is Asher Laub who is a classic violin player, started playing the instrument from very tender age. He has already performed with the buffalo philharmonic at the age of thirteen. Asher Laub is the New York based amazing violinist who has a degree in  science from New York University department of education, where he is teaching science. The art and science combination is not only an amazing one but also heart touching.

Asher Laub’s latest project “On The Roads” has just hit the music industry. The way he plays his instrument is like moving the sound waves with a magic wand. The combination of music and dance with tunes of violin creates an impact on the minds and souls of public. The legend Michael Jackson used to own that style of his performance with his eye catching dance. Asher Laub is perhaps inspired from that style and successfully doing justice too. The violinist are mostly lengthy players of their instrument but doing that extraordinary performance in short span of time is really a challenge. Asher Laub is the owner of the talent which is found rarely.

His few minutes of performance in his recent project has mesmerized the souls of violin lovers. As it is known fact violin is treated as the symbol of soft and touchy music with low beats as well as tunes. Asher Laub is one of those exceptional artist who has given many styles to his art. He has learned to play hip hop, pop, rock and variety of other genres with the best choreographic skills.

Despite his deplorable health issues he has managed to perform like any other legend during his project. The training he received from the very tender age seems to nourish him the art of playing the tunes in the hearts and minds of the public. It is indeed a challenge to do it during the live performance but Asher Laub played his part awesomely. Apart from the live performances his talent is actively witnessed in studios also. The more success to such a great individual who has given his best to the world of music and arose the beats of the public with moments of his hands.


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