Move By Glorious

With rhythmically charged beats and pop-funk, we are feeling the groove with “Move,” the new single from Glorious. “Move” is a quick tempo track designed to move the listener into a dancing frenzy, expertly executed with Glorious’ uncanny ability to create a beat and a counter funk which plays off the rhythm in ways that make it sound like two distinctive tracks playing simultaneously yet in perfect unison. The bass funk, most likely a fretless sample, delivers movement of the melody which exceeds the requirement for a simple pop single.

This musicality offers the listener more than the uplifting lyrics of being free and in control but challenges the meaning to be more than the obvious. “I make the whole world, dancing in the spotlight now, I make the whole world, feel the fire, electric vibe, all eyes on me,” the passion and deliverance of these lyrics with full control of the vocal range sends shivers through the audience.

“Move” is expertly mixed with that underlying funk, ever playing the director of the tempo, while the clap samples are well-placed to offer the high frequencies a balance to the soprano vocals. All frequencies represent well in their own space, yet cleverly blended to fill the listening environment. With the break in the middle of the track, we can hear more of that vocal range as the music fades down, allowing Glorious to showcase her entire charm.

Although the music is mixed slightly too loud for the vocals to ring out completely, this track would still make a tasty addition to any urban, R&B radio format playlist, as the infectious sing-along choruses allow for plenty of replayability. “Move” is a track which should put Glorious on any A&R watch list, as this indie artist makes her way to superstardom.

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