Brazilian Virgin Hair Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, common people can catch up with the latest hair style trend with hair extensions that are not just for celebrities. One sign which women are mostly curious about is Brazilian virgin hair that is actually in high demand.

Q: Where is Brazilian virgin hair from?

A: Brazilian virgin hair is one of the best hair type for extensions while we name it Brazilian virgin hair, which does not mean it comes from Brazil as many other hair companies claimed. Actually some good Brazilian virgin hair comes from Brazil such as the hair offered by New Star Hair company. Brazilian virgin hair is not only the most ideal choice for end customers, but it is also very good for professional salon owners. Virgin hair, like its name, it is the type of hair that has never been treated. No chemical used on this hair.

Q: Is it cheaper for you to install hair extensions by yourself than have it done by professional hair stylist?

A: This depends on the way you will apply the extensions to your hair, permanent or temporary? If you want to change your hair style everyday and experiment with different hairstyle, then it is better to install the hair by yourself. You can remove the extensions at night and install a new one in the morning for a different hair look. However, if you love a specific look and want to maintain it for a while, then have the hair installed by a professional.


Q: How long does it take to install Brazilian virgin hair extensions?

A: If you decide to have your Brazilian hair extensions installed permanently, then you need to sit for hours in a salon. Some extensions like Clip-ins are easy and take less time to install. Make sure the hair stylist add extensions correctly so that they will not damage your own hair and scalp.

Q: What makes Brazilian virgin hair different from other hair products?

A: One mostly searched term aside from this variety is Remy Virgin Hair. What makes it different is that high end hair company get the hair coming from Brazil or nearby areas. So this type of hair will have heavy and denser strands, which make the hair bouncy and shiny, they are the most natural-looking hair in the market today.

Q: Where can I purchase Brazilian virgin hair?

A: Thankfully, there are a lot of hair companies in the market selling virgin hair, you can buy two or three bundles by yourself. A lot of hair salons in your local place also offer great quality virgin hair, the biggest advantage of choosing from local hair salons is that you can choose the right hair length and color more correctly. Online hair shops selling virgin hair can also be trusted, like New Star Hair, they wholesale Brazilian virgin hair in highest quality, with a lot of textures in affordable, including straight, wavy and curly. There are also various colors from #1b to #613, I am sure you will find the right virgin hair extensions that match you natural hair.