It Won’t Stop by ALDEN

Following the success of his debut EP, “Red Hands” Alden looks to carry the momentum with his latest offering “Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.” To tease us with what is to come, we got a first listen to the single, “It Won’t Stop.” With a clever songwriting structure, Alden carries his metaphorical lyrics over a morose, gloomy rhythm passage which creates an eerie vibe.


The underlying deep bass frequencies which become the melodies open the listening space up to make a full spectrum sound which is surprisingly bigger than it seems. Playing out the theme of tapping into the unknown, Alden uses creative imagery to cast a presence around himself as he progresses through the track. “It could be bad perception, it could be delusion, but either way I can’t deny, the way I feel inside.” The dynamic of the sad and remorseful add to the power Alden is looking to present.

“It Won’t Stop” features an arpeggiated guitar melody which chimes out on every note with crispness and clarity. This guitar is well-mixed over the deep bass and steady drums, to allow all the upper overtones to establish that eerie presence. Being from New York the overall vibe of this track is reminiscent of the dark clubs and lounges which keep the mood somber and rueful.

Playing this track at high volumes allow the listener to get lost inside the world Alden is creating, and enjoy every meditating minute of it. This track would make a great addition to any alternative, rock radio format with its revolving chorus and high tension building bass patterns. The listener feels the release at the crescendo of this track when the guitars strike up to a moderate tempo to finalize Alden thoughts. “It Won’t Stop” is an enjoyable track; if you are in the mood for the somber and morose, many fans will find this to be a hit single as they replay this track over and over again.


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