In The Spotlight–Gaia Passaler

When Gaia Passaler is under the spotlight she beams with intensity and grace delightful to behold. Her first acting “gig” occurred at the sweet, young age of 10, in her hometown of Milan, Italy. It was so awesome that, excluding a years-long side trip training to become a practicing orthodontist (yes, really), the acting surge pulled her right back into the lap of stage and screen.  Passaler left her dental practice and her country for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, graduating two years later with a bright smile and a brighter future.

The discipline of acting can be a lovely form of addiction for some, including Passaler.  She was and will always be captivated by the craft. After years of hard work and dedication it wasn’t long before peers and audience members alike were captivated with her, as well. She’s confident, sultry, slim, gorgeous and relatable all at the same time.

One of her most vivid stage moments came in 2016; she was cast in the role of, “Natalie Kelly” in the one-night, sold-out premiere at the Alex Theatre, of, Marilyn! A New Musical!  Over the last few years Passaler has appeared in many films, including a clever, three-minute film for the Danny Elfmann competition entitled, The Newcomer , as well as, The Chosen Path, not yet released, and Toenail, which won third place at the HBO Visionaries Competition.

As future projects unfold she’s well-equipped with whatever may come, possessing the ability to speak two languages as well as several dialects. Passaler also has the wherewithal to break into song and dance, tickle the ivories, or perform numerous sports, including fencing.

Currently, Passaler is performing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2017, in an original new play called, Inversion, and she has recently landed the part of nurse “Angelique Passad,” in the miniseries, Bomber Command. Her excitement level is peaking since Passaler has also been cast in the first two films of the psychological thriller trilogy, The Mystery of Casa Matusita. The cast includes long-time thespian and Golden Globe nominee, Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange).

Down the line Passaler shared that she would be thrilled to work with directors such as David Lynch, Alejandro Gonzalez and Ron Howard.  Her future plans including continuing to train and act. Meanwhile, she plans on working in Europe and in the United States in the coming year and visiting her supportive family in Italy.