Better Days (Prod. Mitch Leman )

I needed time to readjust until the pain was numb
Been an open canvas and my heart is what I’m painting from
Grinding till the paper comes, we just tryna make a ton
Cost to be a boss i never hesitate to pay the funds
A lotta flaws for her I’m tryna be a better dude
But kinda hard to deviate from shit I tend to do
Chasing all this new money that’s why most of my cheddar blue
Better moves. What I gotta make I never bet to loose
My attitude always been fuck it never needed leverage
She worry bout what I be doing said I’m living reckless
Texting me a long paragraph I don’t read the message
I feel depression lotta times it’s like I need direction
I feel the pressure, really I feel the pressure
This shit been going slow it’s like I feel the need the catch up huh
But I ain’t tripping few hundreds of people fucking with me
Appreciate it but the hype I’m never caught up in it
I’m really tryna get it poppin I been on a mission
To really get it I just wanna talk a lotta business,
See what I think is what you hear in the rhymes
And I been learning not to feed into negative vibes
Remember quitting music like 2 consecutive times
Started again and realized it was a passion inside..
To show my weakness I’m just never the type huh…
I never been good at managing pride

Man I’m just tryna paint a picture for yall now
Been in my own zone barely picking up calls now
Fronting when you see me it’s all smiles.
But I be stressing a lot. My heart cold feeling no love now
I’m just tryna hustle till we really above ground
I’m just tryna grind till we be in a compound
A lot at stake, you come around don’t try to violate
A lotta cake I gotta spend for my designer taste