Spectacular DJ Duo ‘The Kimonos; Keep Audiences Coming Back For More

There are plenty of DJs in the world and there are always more on their way up the ladder, so to speak. The good ones play decent music and have creative mixes and beats. The great ones, however, like The Kimonos, have very distinctive sounds and signature beats and mixes. The Kimonos are made up of two very talented and committed DJs: Omri Malka, from Israel and Gabriel Falanga from Italy. They have been playing house parties and clubs for several years and have honed their skills to become arguably one of the best DJ teams around.

One might think a DJ’s job is simple and that he can relax and do nothing during the day or when he’s not actually working, but Gabriel Falanga sees his DJ work as a career rather than just a job, so he devotes a great deal of time looking for new inspirations in different house music styles. What makes The Kimonos even more of a stand out from other DJs, is their look. These guys always wear personalized kimonos which make their performances not only great musically speaking, but also esthetically satisfying.

The whole process is a very focused and thoughtful one that gives The Kimonos an edge when it comes to creating sounds. Music is Gabriel and Omri’s world and they not only enjoy seeking out new tracks but they also relish the time-consuming part of selecting the appropriate music long before they appear at a house or club party. Omri Malka says that he is always careful to choose the right songs for the right event or party so it will be outstanding. To be successful to The Kimonos means that the audience and/or party goers are happy when the music is playing and also happy when they leave. Basically, The Kimonos goal is to make people dance and have a good time while being remembered by their Afro house music style and look.

The Kimonos have residency at Zenyara Estate in Palm Springs, California, and Deep Space, Los Angeles and perform there on a regular basis. Residency is a way of saying that these guys from the beginning of their careers, have earned people’s love and have built connections through their music –which brings customers and fans into venues. The Kimonos are most definitely the guys you want to have DJ your next event!