There By Kidd CocØ

Immersed in tropical backbeats, “There” is the recent release from Nigerian beat maker, Kid CocØ. Blending tasty timpani synths over a recurring modulated beat, this tack keeps the head bobbing side to side, and the hips swaying in unison. The syncopated synths which are the main melody, keep the rhythm flowing with a theme of peace, joy, and mellowness. This track conveys imagery of the beach with the foamy waves crashing over the sand. A beach party with many dancers mingling under the stars, and raging fires keeping the crowd warm. A powerful musical tool to be able to convey dynamics which reach all the senses, yet Kid CocØ manages to pull this off. As an 18-year-old beat maker, Kid CocØ is honing his craft, with this offering he is showing some unique ideas, and mature, professional mixes as he blends traditional instrumentation over more neo-classical frameworks.

“There” is well mixed as the high frequencies can ring out and not get muddled down by the overtones of the bass, and percussion. The allotted headroom offers a clear, distortion-free listening experience at high volumes. Although this track would make an excellent addition to any DJ’s repertoire, the bottom end could have been brought up a bit as is starts falling off at these high volumes, the track demands.

Pay special attention to the incidental vox samples in the first half of the track, as these add a reverb dynamic give the track space, which is clever in a dance hall environment. This track would make an excellent addition to any dance format radio playlist with it high replay factor, and catchy rhythms. “There” leaves the listener feeling refreshed and happy, as it delivers its upbeat, major-scaled crisp notes harmoniously.  Overall, a delightful track and a great addition to the already growing collection of tracks from Kid CocØ, industry should take notice of this aspiring producer.

SoundCloud: There