Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend by Cplus

Clifton Johnson, known by artist name Cplus, is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and pianist hailing from Oklahoma City. He has opened for headlining acts such as Joe, Usher, Tony Terry, and Mint Condition. Over the last two years, Cplus has continuously toured and performed live with his band, “Born in November,” resulting in numerous television appearances and online interviews. With the rising success of his band and a promising solo career ahead of him, Cplus is on his way to the top.On his latest single, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” Cplus shows why he has become one of the artists to watch in 2019.

Cplus keeps thing mellow and apologetically pure on this single. That leading voice is one that undoubtedly offers personality – a level of identity and something for fans to connect with and come back for.

In this particular musical setting, the voice shines with gentle brightness – softly luring you over and then seeking to calm you with this simple yet effective melody and a nearly-whispered delivery that feels very intimate and personal.Simply put on some headphones and get lost in the feel-good vibes of Cplus’ vocals.

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