Only Love by Pale Blue Dot

The latest single from the highly acclaimed album “Anatomy,” is Only Love, an acoustic rock track filled with groove, harmony and catchy sing-along lyrics. As vocalist Tony LaRocco sets the pace for this laid back number, he is afforded the room to express himself utilizing on-key overtones to create a self-harmonized vocal which encapsulates each idea within the verse and gives Only Love the movement and the pop-sensible hook. The bass groove which Drew Pompano lays down creates a funk which highlights the vocal melodies in a way that colors the overall timbre of the piece. Laying perfectly in the pocket with the drummer, Darby Wooten and the slightly syncopated beats off the high-hats this straight 4/4 song has the gallop feel.

Pay particular attention to the lead fills, guitarist Andrew Rohlk slips in between verses as a call and response technique drawing the listener back to the main lyrics. The highlight of this track, however, is the guest female vocalist who accompanies LaRocco in the crescendo. An elegant mezzo counter to rooted baritone of the main vocals.

Only Love is a track themed on the metaphor of love will conquer all. A delicate number exploring the inner workings of the heart and all the opposing forces which plague our ability to surrender ourselves to the basic natural need to be loved, “What’s the deal, what is the feel, don’t yell, cause I just want to scream.” Only Love is a radio-friendly track which would be an excellent addition to any alternative, pop, rock or adult contemporary radio playlist as it captures all the essential elements which make a radio hit.

The production on Only Love is well-executed, as all frequencies are well-separated allowing for distinction at high volumes while being blended nicely to give this track a complete feel. As a follow-up single to Stained Glass Window, Only Love is a clear sign of professionalism and maturity from these talented musicians.

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