An Exclusive Interview With Multi Talented singer, songwriter and Producer Yona Marie

Hailing from the DMV area, singer, songwriter and producer Yona Marie has had a taste of success with her last single trending on Spotify. The hot new singer with a degree in Music Business from JU is making her mark and continuing to pave the way in the industry with her latest single “I Gave You”.

We had a chance to chat with Yona about her new single and career goals for our Music Spotlight series. Check out the interview and take a listen to “I Gave You” and download it for free on Push Power Promo.

Describe your music for those who have never heard it.

My music is a mix of 90s soul and current R&B flavors. The music speaks on the woes and joys of relationships and intimacy. Yona creates a lot of her tracks from scratch to completion, making the beats, writing the melodies, and doing the lead and background vocals.


Tell us about your new single “I Gave You”.

“I Gave You” details a woman walking out of a relationship with a man who refuses to respect her time and effort put in. Yona explains how she’s not about to sit around and give her lover chance after chance when he refuses to keep it real and be honest with her. This isn’t a cry for help and a plea for him to get it together; this is a declaration that she is cutting all ties and is moving on with her life.

What inspired you to pursue music?

I was inspired by the many musically talented people in my family; they practically forced me into the music lifestyle! Thankfully, it was a lifestlye that I quickly clung to and fell in love with.

What has been your greatest career accomplishment so far?

Not a huge success yet, but I got a change to collaborate with a hugely talented producer by the name of Eli Way, along with an amazing electronic label called Night Owl Collective. Our song release called “Just Wanna Love You” went viral, garnering a half million song plays and a spot in one of Spotify’s editorial playlists.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I face is keeping up with consistent music releases over the years. I know it’s a hue factor that will make or break success in any industry! Life often gets in the way, but that should be no excuse for anyone who is truly passionate about their dreams.

Where can we download your track I Gave You?

You can stream and/ord download the song here: