Malea Release Her New Single “HERO”

Fresh from the success of One Hot Mess and Swept Away, Malea returns with Hero, a single showcasing the maturity and professionalism of this seasoned musician destined to make a name for herself in the pop music community. Featuring an elegant acoustic guitar melody, Malea’s voice is carried over the music and becomes an instrument in itself. With a wide range of vocal ability, covering multiple keys, Malea can harmonize and encapsulate musical ideas with her voice in a smooth, delicate, and graceful manner.

Hero explores the concept of giving thanks and recognition to one who has helped shape Malea, whether spiritually, professionally or emotionally, the key imagery is played out with poise, “And you don’t know, what you did for me. Turned me around, so I believe.” As a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, the dedication to her craft is ever on display as Malea continues to push new boundaries with her voice and her songwriting skills.

The production on Hero is well-executed as the allotted headroom allows Malea’s voice to carry out over the listening space with clarity. The rhythm stays neatly in the pocket allowing the deep bass groove to carry movement with the melodies, giving Hero a dance-worthy cadence. Hero would make an excellent addition to any pop, or urban radio playlist with its sultry undertones, and catchy, infectious choruses.

This single is poised to put Malea on the radar of music investors as a sure sign of a hit single, coming from an artist with a proven track record and plenty of potential.

Link to the single (Hero):