Oh Well Impress Us With New Album Forging a False Reality

Oh Well is a one-piece progressive EDM project based in Chicago, Illinois. Their debut project “Forging a False Reality” combines hard-hitting drum & bass beats with orchestral swells to create a unique backdrop for thoughtful lyrics that intrigue the soul. Thick synth leads and bass drops set the tone for pianos, harps, and xylophones to battle it out while tenor vocals poke at and prod at the human condition. “Forging a False Reality” hits Spotify, Apple Music, and most major music platforms on April 1. Listeners can reserve a free copy here. Follow Oh Well on Instagram for updates on new releases.

Forging A False Reality is a creative, experimental yet musically satisfying album that makes and breaks its own guidelines all through. Intertwining an electronic, somewhat industrial beat with fragments of orchestral strings, finished off with a pair of languid vocals and distant traces of power and angst, the track is as bizarrely unpredictable as it is cinematically captivating.

That it’s totally beautiful, through the graceful nature of the verses and vocal work, says something to me about how created Oh Well’s talent is. Capturing the inarticulate, most articulately, through the state of mind inciting soundscape, further enhances this impacting listening knowledge.

It’s astonishing what number of energies and feelings Oh Well crams into 3 minutes and 38 seconds: angst, paranoia, thrill, rage, gloom, panic, euphoria; you get a smidgen of each as time passes.

Forging a False Reality


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