Bombay By Jamie Rose

 Jamie-Rose is set to release her newest single “Bombay,” to much fanfare, building off the success of her previous releases. This soprano singing rapper brings much to the table with her self-harmonizing vocals styles and her ability to freestyle rap with ease. Listening to “Bombay” for the first time strikes a surprising chord as Jamie-Rose brings out her harmonious vocals through the upper register, allowing the deep bass grooves to sit very comfortably in the lower dynamic.

The clear divide becomes quickly satisfying as the listener can fully encapsulate the speed and flow of the verses, as Jamie-Rose delivers each line with ease, dropping the focus notes clearly on the downbeat. This becomes more relevant as that downbeat is a deep bass kick which gets the head bobbing, and the hips swaying creating a complete track ready for release.

“Bombay” touches on the theme of partying throughout the nightclub scene, exploring life and all its possibilities. The freedoms, Jamie-Rose express throughout, are exemplified by the sheer ease in which she delivers her message. “I’ll see you at the after party; we’re not here to talk, are we. I’ll see you at the after party”, as the nights slip away in Bombay the experiences continue. “Bombay” is a very enjoyable track and one which should receive much industry attention, as its replayable nature makes it a clear, excellent addition to any urban radio format.

The production on “Bombay” is well-executed as all frequencies are clearly defined and allowed to settle in their own space, yet blended to deliver that full dynamic one would expect from a professional release. Jamie-Rose is ready to fully capture the market with her beautiful singing voice being shaped to the Hip-Hop market, a market which is ready for her brand of rapping and performance ability.

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