Pain by King Blitz

Dealing with personal social issues, King Blitz weaves his lyrics into a metaphorical, fast-paced Hip-Hop single, “Pain’. Exploring themes of loneliness, trust between close friends, and looking for purpose, King Blitz can weave his narrative to create a challenging piece of poetry, coupled with strong, powerful beats which hit at the heartstrings. Blitz is a rapper, producer, and songwriter extraordinaire on the rise.Born in Gary, Indiana in 1991, Blitz began rapping at the age of 9. His mother is a singer, poet, & artist and his father is a guitarist, singer, producer, and writer.

Utilizing the steady Hip-Hop groove on which to freestyle rap over, King Blitz changes things up with a self-harmonizing chorus, emphasizing his message with a clarity and elegance, while maintaining that street credible authority in his lyrics. “I need the answers, to all the pain, before all the shame, comes back again,” the deliverance of such words are more potent by the performance on which King Blitz can project his voice over the frequency spectrum.

“Pain” features a wide variety of subtle instrumentation behind the forefront bass groove, allowing this track to carry itself forward with ease. Pay special attention to the modulating synth track behind the verse lyrics as the melody provides a pleasant counterbalance to the baritone vocals.

The production put forth on “Pain” is very well-executed as the mix clearly defines all separate samples allowing plenty of headroom to crank this one up, and be free of distortion. The replayability of “Pain” would make this a tasty selection to any urban radio playlist, as the infectious, sing-along choruses fit comfortably into radio demand. “Pain” is an enjoyable track, as the listener gets to experience great lyricism over a powerful message while being able to sway and dance to the melodies and rhythms.

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