‘Beautiful’ by RIIV is really a beautiful track !

Born in Haiti, RIIV moved to Connecticut at a very young age, actually he was only 6 years old when his family moved to Connecticut. It was the change of environment or something else, as a young boy he was troublesome. Couldn’t abstain himself from getting into troubles. Nothing seems to work until the music came to his rescue.

Once he got good company of friends his sense of love for music arose. Now he wasn’t showing frustration over troubles rather he started to put all his life experiences into his writings. His songs are always full of emotions and close to reality. So as his latest track ‘Beautiful’.

‘Beautiful’ is one of those tracks those are full of all kinds of song flavors. Heart touching voice, inspiring lyrics, melodious composition and quality production. Particularly the lyrics are the best ingredients of this track. Visualizing your beloved beside you, enjoying each and every moment you have spent with your lover and all that making your life more and more beautiful.

And the rich and powerful voice was all that needed to put life into these lyrics and RIIV has done it perfectly. Variation in the pitch is also making it rich and engaging. Overall it’s a kind of track that will take you the dream life of love.

The track is also available on iTunes.

For a full list of where you can purchase and stream “Beautiful”, please visit www.riiv.hearnow.com. For more information about RIIV’s record label L2 Records, please visit www.L2records.com

And you can also follow him on Social Media:
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/riverson80
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/riiv69