MiG Arogan Net worth is estimated to be $7 million as of 2020

There’s only one major key to succeeding in the Hip-Hop music industry, and that is to “always invest in yourself as an artist and as an individual”. Earning more dollar bills from rap music is becoming pretty much as easy as the ABC’s, unlike what we’ve seen in that past ten years. This is as a result of artists, tossing in a lot of funds into their music, collaborations, acts and personalities—which has turned into gold for a higher fraction of them and ended up scoring a lot of endorsement deals that took some careers to the next level.

Now, let’s talk about the man of the hour; Mickenly Thoby, stage name MiG Arogan. Mig is a Haitian-American rap artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur with a current whopping net worth of $7 million in the year 2020. The Young talented rapper is well known for his ability to create musical lyrics in his head without ever writing an entity down.

After leasing “Bo Kotem Pa Paradi”, the following years has been all about the “Dollar Signs” for Mig Arogan and since then, he hasn’t derailed from that pathway. For some time, Mig went solo leaving his followers with the mindset that it was the end of the road for him, but he rose to reign with a miracle debut track ‘Handz Up’, which was a chief success, reaching platinum recognition. Mig leveraged on this track’s success to release a couple of others within the following few years to put himself on the roadmap.

The “Addicted to Money” star is arranging to launch his latest business venture; an empire that will not only shock the world but will also pump up his profits. According to Personality Net Worth, Mig’s net worth is estimated at about $7 million , plus other smart property investments that is valued at about $500 Thousand.

In 2018, he became number three-highest paid rap artist from the Haitian music community, pocketing more than $800k a year. Today, Mig has invested time, money, effort and actions into activities and investments that will yield sumptuously in the near future.

Mig Arogan’s Stacks of Endorsement Deals


When it gets to tagging along with other big boys and multinationals, Mig is an expert— he’s the Haitian most merchantable celebrity.

The biography on his website holds a laundry list of his partnerships with Top Haitian enterprises and more designer brands in America. A quick Google search on Mig turns up with even more brand deals. He has splashed out a lot of money on charity and his enormous annual earnings totaled in recent years—has kept his net worth trending in the very right direction.