Music Awards Tycoon

Now it’s a time when you can become real Music Super Star with our new game on Steam!

Always dreamed of creating your own musical group and making your way to the stars? Now your desires can become a reality! In our game you can go all the way from rehearsals in the garages to appearances on the stages where world-famous performers have visited.

You will have the opportunity to record songs on different topics, give the name of each of them, release albums. Manage the activities of your newly-born musicians completely and completely!

You have four most popular genres in the music world: rock, electronic music, pop, r’n’b. Your musicians can play in all directions, so do not have to make a hard choice at the beginning of the game – improve in all these genres!
There are three levels of difficulty to choose from, but if the game seems to be hard for you, you can change your difficulty level at any time.

With the promotion of the group you will be assisted by several managers, each of them has a huge number of ideas on how to do it. You will have to face a lot of difficult moral choices, which is more important for you: money, popularity through black PR, or the love of people? Or do you just want to carry your creativity into the masses and make people happy? Managers will give you a huge amount of bonuses if you make the right choice and listen to your heart and head. You will have to act smartly and judiciously, because some elections can damage your reputation on the contrary.

You will be available hundreds of different musical instruments, as well as many cool things that you can give to your musicians, and each of these items will give a certain bonus!

Win many musical awards on the way to the top! Compete for a place in the top 100 with other players! Your musicians will often comment on what is happening to them, so you definitely will not be bored! Rather, start to conquer the whole world with the help of your music!

Guys I see that you’re not musicians. Tell us about you a little ?


Well, we are game developers from Ukraine. Once a day, we were just boys with the same dreams. And one day we decided that these dreams have to become true. We’ve always wanted to create games so people would be happy playing them. Games are our passion.


So you guys launch a new game about music? Tell us about it in a nutshell ?


Well, it’s a game where you can gather your own group, record your songs and album, hold concerts, simply become #1 in all top charts and… a lot of other things, like become the best group in the world. I don’t want to tell you everything, you’d better check it out yourself 🙂

 Wow. What are music genres in the game actually?


There are rock, pop, r’n’b and electro music. We decided to give our players a decent choice.


 So you gather a band, record a hit and immediately become a top1? 🙂


If everything was so simple! The path to fame is always very thorny. First, there is not enough money catastrophically. So you have to post your ads and work somewhere to earn more money first.


 What work? And what about any funny moments?


There are lot of events in the game that won’t let you get bored. Actually, there are more then 200 pages with events in the game. Our screenwriters did a good job, they created a very diverse and interesting plot, you will like it even if you’ll play for a very long time.


 That’s interesting! And on what devices does the game come out?


The game will be released on Steam at the end of November. But in order not to miss this event, you can go to the page and sign up now 🙂

Thank you. And tell us a little about yourself, who made this game?


I’m from Ukraine as well as two my friends with whom we’ve been developing this game.


 And how did you come up with the idea of creating such music manager?


We are musicians and we love games very much, so one day we just thought: “Why is there still no manager, where you would be able to pump your band?” That’s way our manager was born 🙂


 Tell us about the audience of the game ?


We focus on people who are older than 20 years, who would not only be interested in watching the development of the musical group, but also competently manage revenues. I also want to say that the art in our game is also at the highest level. We hope that we will be able to meet the needs of any gamers and music lovers. 🙂


 Do you want to add something?

Love games. Love music. And watch out for our new projects 🙂