Its Time To Know More About The Famous Band EXPLODE THE TV

What inspires Ettv? 

for me personally, the love of music, the desire to say something of value in and through our music, the joy of life playing music with people I like and connect with and ultimately God and the gift I feel I’ve been given.

What albums have you recorded? –

with Ettv : Godbox, Rhymes For Robots and Normalized. Lots of albums with other bands and artists too though.

What is your favourite?

I think with Ettv the latest album, Normalized, but they are like having children in that you have a different relationship with each them at different times, they show you different things about yourself and where your were at and where you are at, musically and personally, sometimes you dislike them, but then you realise that they are part of you and you love them, warts and all so to speak.

Why a three piece? 

we were a 4 piece but we kept losing guitarists for some reason so we thought we’d try it as a three piece and that worked really well. We’d go back to 4 if the timing was right and with the right band member. Bands are relationships and are quite sensitive and sometimes delicate, especially the writing process. It’s works as a 3 piece and the connection and energy between us has always been good, so for now, it’s all good.

What are the bands highlights?

we played at the Islington O2 a few years ago supporting some good artists in front of a large crowd, that was fun but the whole journey has been a highlight. There’s been some low-lights, like playing in a prison to a captive audience! Playing to people who don’t want to be there is never fun and quite painful actually!

Describe the characters in your band ?

Bentley: singer, lyricist, creative, visionary, , thinks outside the box 📺 Chris: drummer, solid, thinker, the voice of reason, intellectually humorous, Andi: bass / guitars, serious, dedicated, great guy! ☺️😁

How easily do songs come to you?

Bass lines and rhythms come easily, these usually inspire melody and emotion, we feed off each other in the writing sessions and it’s very organic. Bentley gets sounds, phases and words that start to form the song. Some songs are written quickly, others take more work. We talk about a lot of ideas and the themes often come out of our discussions and debates, and because we are Explode The Tv they have a common thread, which corresponds to what we’re about.

What sort of gigs and live shows have you been doing? 

this year has been limited for obvious reasons. We did a studio session for Farmfest in the summer, which was online this year. Just 3 songs but that was fun.

Explain the writing process? 

The three is us get in the rehearsal room, start playing riffs, beats and creating sounds, out of this comes ideas, melodies, frameworks of songs, then we hone them and do a basic recording and come back to them the next week and finish them. The themes of the songs are from what Ettv is about and our discussions and debates.

What are your songs about?

I suppose trying to get people to look deeper at life and the issues we face. Challenging the status quo and the mindset that is thrust upon us through TV and the mainstream media.

Explain your sound in 5 words ?

edgy, melodic, vibe, punchy, engaging

Where do you draw you inspiration from? 

musically: janes addiction, rage against the machine, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, the Police, to name a few. Generally in life: the bible, God, Jesus Christ and all manner of life experiences and outlooks that existence brings.

When you write what’s your favourite part of the process?

listening back to the recording of the writing session and hearing the song develop and knowing that we’ve created something that is going to work, then going back in and homing it into a finished song.

Do you have any live events or recordings coming up?

Writing and recording new gogs but hopefully 2021 things will open a bit more 🙏🏻

When did you start playing? 

I was about 13 years old when I first picked up a bass guitar. My sister has a guitar too so I played on that and learnt chords etc. Played in a school band and it went from there.

How do you balance music with all the other things in your life?

it’s a natural thing for me as I’ve been doing it a long time. I generally prioritise music and fit the other stuff in around it and there’s a natural flow to when I have music going on and then when there’s other work and commitments.

What’s the driving ethos of Ettv? 

Wanting to make music that we love and that others will hopefully love too. Wanting people to ask deeper questions of what’s really going on in this world and why they are here!

Why the name ‘Explode The Tv’? 

to try and make people think about the programming they’ve received through the tv and mainstream and to switch it off and look and listen to other things and material and to enjoy life and nature too. Plus there’s only one band called Explode The Tv!

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