JUBILEE Releases New Single “Peaches”

The blend of both regional and international music is growing hand in hand with globalization. The United States is the platform which provides the space for newbie artists. South America is the main beneficiary of this gesture of the North.JUBILEE is one of those talented artists. She is focusing on music,art and videography together. She is multi talented young lady who is Brazilian in her origin and currently settled in California, USA. She is the founder of the indie music label and production company having the name of Common Luxury LCC. This company since its inception, has opened new vistas of opportunities for JUBILEE and her brother Cezar.

 JUBILEE and her brother Cezar are the young souls who have faith in their efforts. Peaches is their new project. Which is the actual reflection of their dreams. The dreams which are seen by many but felt by a few. The style of music is quite touchy. It feels like the childhood dreams are talking to one’s soul. As it is an established fact that music is not just sequential beating of drums or moving the chords. It is an art and it should reflect a proper taste in its contents. JUBILEE in her recent project Peaches is doing the same with all her zeal. At this young age it is not less than a miracle that has been presented to the audience.

The qualities which are embodied in a music are uncountable. The prominent among those are its catchy start, then the lyrics and the last but not the least is the composition. The style of singer remains the same but it is the music which changes the mood and mind of listers altogether. Thus, the only refuge for the artist is to maintain the standard of art upto the level of audience. Peaches with dedication of JUBILEE is working for the same. The efforts of JUBILEE and the joint venture of her Brazilian mind and American soul shall definitely produce a masterpiece. The public response is not only a positive but very encouraging. The small flaws which are expected from nascent artists can’t be observed in JUBILEE  and this is the quality which has made a dream in the shape of Peaches come true.

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