Lilith Bathory of LUNA13 ‘Dark Fashion’

Lilith Bathory of LUNA13 admitted she feels fortunate to be living nowadays as she feels like Black Metal, as a fashion, has changed significantly over the years. The idea that a female lead can only be masculine or feminine has evolved.

Speaking candidly about her profession she said she’s got ‘a lot to be grateful for’ as she feels she no longer has to choose between being a ‘feminist and being desired’, ‘the modern era allows me to be a “lady-boss”, to set things on my own terms, and to continue on to inspire and have more of a purpose behind what I do than I might have had if this were just me doing a satanic burlesque show for men. ‘LUNA13 has a responsibility to spread dark art and dark fashion.’

‘We can have it all, on our own terms. I think it’s a great time to be a woman as we begin to understand that feminism can mean many things, and we should just try to respect one another’s personal choices, even if we don’t always agree.’

Lilith sizzled and spread fear in a number of sensational LUNA13 shows in Hollywood CA which saw her prove why she’s at the top of her game as a Black Metal performer. Posing in a number of sensual snaps, the Black Metal singer wears horns live, chunks out venom inspired vocals and spits blood out of a real skull, yet she manages to remain feminine and sexy while being a ‘Boss Bitch!’

Catch Lilith Bathory and LUNA13 live.

LUNA13 supporting:
12/13 Powerman 5000/LA CA

1/26 Bleed The Sky/LA CA

3/13 45 Grave/LA CA

4/01 Insomnium/LA CA

6/5 Orgy/LA CA