RKM Legend Talks to Sntmag

RKM Legend talks to sntmag about leaving Jam Down Records, Love & Hate In Mo City, Beef with Ace & Trill Sammy, Tour In May, and more

How did you get started in music?

I started rapping and singing when i was 3 years old by listening to Tupac and Michael Jackson. Then in my teenage years i moved on to a more lil wayne kanye west 808s drake vibe. In 2013 thats when i first started getting really serious about recording in a major professional studio and In 2015 is when i decided to make music a full time career.

 What happen with Jam Down Records are you still with them?

No i decided to do my own thing, its no hard feelings tho to them and i wish everybody over there much success and blessings.

 Is you and Trill Sammy still beef?

No i mean at the end of the day we both getting money and that man has alot of big things happening to him same for me so no me and trill straight.

Are you more hated in your City Mo City, TX (Missouri City,Texas) or loved?

Most definitely more hated because people in tha 13 love to see other people down which is kinda fucked up since we all from the same city but it is what it is. I wanted to do this interview with you today to address all the lies and bullshit. But i would also like to say in my city there is always alot of support and love too its just more fake and jealousy that kinda over shadows the real fans.

Sorry But While listening to your song, Tha Streetz i couldn’t help but ask are you beefing with a rapper name, Ace? the same guy that was on your song, Grammy

I wouldn’t call it a beef it is what it is he owed me money, didn’t pay me and thats it. Its dead and over with. All blessings to the man as well.

 RKM Legend what separates you from other rappers?

Hard work, talent, and my faith in God. I really do this shit forreal like this isnt for play play its forreal. So just to answer your question its just that i take it more serious than others.

When do you plan on going on tour?

In May will be my first official Tour more details will be posted on my website at www.rkmlegend.com but yeah im excited. I will be traveling around the united states and its finna be big i cant wait. & Shout Out to my bro brittish for the link.

When is your mixtape, Hybrid dropping?

Well due to me leaving Jam Down Records in the beginning of this year im deciding to push the mixtape back until after i get off tour so most definitely im looking to drop it no later than November 2017. But i will continue to Drop great music for my fans to enjoy through out the year.

Whats your advice for upcoming artists?

Take this shit serious. If you going do it do it forreal. And most importantly know why your doing what your doing. And go hard.

Where can people find your music and follow you on social media?

On my website at www.RKMLegend.com all my information, music, and social media is on there. People can follow me on Twitter/Instagram/ and Snapchat @RealRKMLegend i dont have a facebook so if you see a facebook with my name on it its fake, report it.

Okay RKM Legend well it was a pleasure speaking with you today thank you for doing this interview with me. Have a good day and good luck with everything.

– No problem & thank you.