Interview With Multi Talented Singer ,Songwriter And Producer 3rixie

 Who is 3rixie and what kind of music genre do you belong to?

Born Bicci Martins Doyle in about 30 years ago and raised from a family of five,)Genre:- HipHop Rap/Pop solo.. found peace in my piece of art(music) and coming out again after series of downfall, quitting.

Who influenced your music career positively / Record label name?

My record label owner ”Donna Dwyer.. #Jeremy-Donna Music

When is the scheduled release date for your EP and title?

August 7,2018/ Title:- FRONTLINERS)will be available in stores worldwide.

How many tracks and Specification?

(4Tracks EP) Though still one of the best i can put my efforts on..

What is your driving force about music and future plans/Target?

I often get inspired or motivated from every situations i found myself… i always keep my head up and never quit. Though life tend to be funny at times.. But you got to learn how to move on..

What are the track Titles from the EP?

Wanna-Be.. Kisses… Downtown Boy,. Roll Over) Full packed with inspirational vocals and highly illustrative in nature as an imaginary aid to escaping boredom always.


Was that your first studio project ever? 

Nope,. i had a botched dream with a single track since 2013.. before i could come up with EP., Though not such a good memory,. But i really appreciate those who stood by me and my adopted mother “Donna Dwyer” through thick and thin and so to everyone, As well as KingNo-Story..

Do you believe that you are rightly connected in music industry and entertainment world as it is with your potential?

NO.. Not at all,. i am open to new ideas and collaborations, positive things that can move everyone forward having a direct benefit on the general public and fans.

Words of appreciation for your fans?

Thanks for supporting my music, much love to y’all. Your thoughts are with me always.. And am loyal).

Means of contact..?

(IG:-Iam_3rixie ‘Twitter;-official3rixie. Snapchat:-Official3rixie. Reverbnation/Soundcloud/Bandcamp/NoiseTrade:- ‘3rixie’. Bless up everyone.