An Exclusive Interview With Executive Producer Performing Artist and Comedian Ras Au-t Amam

Ras Au-t Amam is an Executive Producer, Performing Artist and Comedian from Washington DC who wants YOU to start a business

Q:When and why did you start playing?

ANS:Thanks for having me on today and I really appreciate you taking time to listen to me,

In terms of how I started playing it’s really funny, I remember being in the fourth grade when they gave a presentation about different instruments that could be used in the school band.  I found myself very taken with the drum at the time (there was really only a snare drum that they demonstrated with the other instruments) and when I took my audition for the school band it was on a snare drum.  Somehow the love of rhythm and syncopation turned into a more dedication to my enjoyment of singing and rhyme and I began to form groups with my friends in high school and by the time college came around I was much more serious about it.  And it’s amazing how one small things sparks a lifelong journey.  That’s why I encourage people to get started with something in their lives today.  One little spark can make all the difference in your future life.

Q: Is your family musical?

Ans:Well no actually my family is not at all musical.  Both my parents are college graduates who went on to be corporate people.  My mom actually though I will have to credit with of teaching me to sing.  She actually had a singing group in college and a wonderful singing voice.  However the thought of being a professional singer was still pretty taboo as I was growing up.  I think this led to meet taking quite a long time to develop my professional skills as musician.  Yet it was my calling to do so.  And the only thing that’s ever really materialized for me.  So I would encourage you to take on that thing you are most interested and now rather than waiting.

Q: Whats your motto or the advice you live by?

Ans:  My motto is “our creator wants you to be rich”.  I believe the entity that put humans in this place wants the most abundance for us.  To this desire it has given us capabilities and other people.  And it is our job as humans to learn how to navigate our capabilities and other people to gain the most abundance for ourselves and for all people.  I do my best in my music to help everyone, especially the descendants of slaves and natives, to get the most out of their daily lives.

Q: If you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would it have to be?

Ans: As for performing, I think it would be great to share a stage with the most progressive, conscious and loved reggae artist of the time.  Depending on how fast I rise I suppose I would say Damian Marley, J.Boog, Katchafire, House of Shem, S.O.J.A., Chronixx, Tarrus Riley, and the list goes on.  But I think more important than thinking of who I would share the stage with, is thinking how I would get there.  In my life I’ve had to set out a very directed plan.  It has taken many chaotic years to learn all the different ingredients that would be required to carry out the plan.  And so what I dream about most days in my visualizations is things that accomplish my plans finally being accomplished.  I like to use this visualization skill set to lead my listeners through their daily activities to achieve their goals as well.


Q:Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to sing as a career or just advice about careers in general?

Ans : Absolutely! Careers take a lot of consideration.  My fear for you and your listeners is that through fear for your career you will fall into employee mentality.  Employee mentalitiy is dependency on your employer such that it impairs your ability to think and visualize in the world as an owner individual.  Conversely if you were to own a business, even in addition to your employment, it would give you clarity in your position as an individual on the planet rather than be subject to the whims of the “higher powers”.  With this new found perspective you’d find yourself making clearer decisions and being more self-determined.  As we have a concern for our communities in the wake of colonialism and slavery we find that it is of maximum importance to create new businesses and initiatives that support our survival and development.  My music and my courses do my best to give motivation and step by step instructions in accomplishing the creation of a business.

Q:  What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Ans: When it comes to nerves, I think everyone has them.  I think nervousness is worse for people when the thing they’re trying to accomplish is very important to them.  So my best advice would be put yourself in that situation much more often.  The more at bats you have the more comfortable you are being at bat.  If your nerves are due to lack of instructions for what to do, I invite you to call on my instruction and my music to give you more clarity.

Q:  How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Ans: Yes thanks for asking.  Performance is great!  But there is the breakdown of doing things live in front of people.  In the studio we can make mistakes, cut them out, and re-record.  Just like you as an entrepreneur. You can remake your advertisements and promotions over and over again until you find the sweet spot in your market.  However live performance is very similar to a new product rollout.  You’re completely exposed for the first and only time so it is mandatory to be flexible and reactive.  If the bass player makes a mistake, you turn to the audience and say “is everybody having great time?” Just like you would answer every comment on your initial advertisements, positive or negative, so that you can continue to monitor the crowd reaction and improve your data collection.

See, when you start a business all of the way you look at the world floats through the eyes of an owner.  It makes mistakes easier to deal with because you’re in control not getting suckered.

Q: Do you teach music?

Ans: Well, I do have a stable of artists that I work with.  However being that I’m an individual performing artist and business owner, what I’d teach more than music is how artists should sustain themselves through bringing other aspects of their capability to new fans.  I also tend to show them step by step how to gain new fans using the Internet.  And I show them how to earn revenue from their music and grow exponentially.  What I’d like to see is all my musicians and entrepreneurs starting businesses and operating at their highest comfort level, growing, developing, and changing our earth.

Q:  How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

Ans: Juggling family life is probably the hardest thing that goes on for any artist or entrepreneur, or working person for that matter.  This is the internal juggle that colonialism has caused us.  Where we could be living a life of pure abundance, sharing in the resources of the earth amongst all mankind, instead we have a colonial, racist system which subjugates one class section of the world from another and pits us all against each other such that the only thing we really have time for is wearing away at the grindstone and watching our lives tick away.  What I say is a better plan, and what I work toward with my life every day, is a balance where we all are sharing in resources as a nuclear family, and extended community, and extended society, extending into our world. I encourage the person hearing this interview to start their own business and create their own version of what proper family life is.

Q:Do you have any events coming up or recording going on right now?

Ans:  Luckily I have both recordings and events going on right now!  At my studio, Au-t House, I’m recording music very regularly and you can look out for regular music drops several days a week.  I’m also very fortunate to be playing with the Angelic Relic at regular engagements.  And I also have many collaborations coming up this year and am looking forward to making new things with all my growing network.  And I encourage all of you to connect with me at so that you can get my music, information on your business, and connect with me directly so we can be in network.  Yokoke,

Thank you for your time and I have a special message for you at right now.