Conversation With Young talented & Beautiful Singer Plus Songwriter Lachi

Lachi’s a recording artist and songwriter based out of New York City whose music has been featured in national TV and film, and who continues to write and co-write with major producers. Not only does she songwrite, book-write and compose, but she also produces, which she shows off in her latest EP, “The Selfish Release.” Though available for purchase, the release is free to all supporters.


Q:  So “The Selfish Release” is a secret E.P. just for supports. How can a new supporter get a copy?

Ans: If you visit and say ‘what’s up,’ you’re free to download it!

Q: You say the EP is a ‘Celebration of Self.’ What do you mean?

Ans :  I’ve learned that you’ve got to put yourself first before you can be of use to anyone else, that if you don’t know self-pride and self-love, you can never know vicarious pride or love of another.


Q: Talk about the single, Selfish.

Ans :  In the single we redefine the term in a more empowering light. People mistake self-pride and true-grind for selfishness, when really it’s determination and purpose. Just living, being a Self, is “self”-ish, so everything we do, as long as we exist, is selfish. I had way too much fun exploring trap production, working with S.One Studios, and composing the track with good old Pro Tools in the home studio.

Q: You started as a pop songwriter and are moving towards more Dance/Club and Urban genres, and you’re also producing now. How did this progression come about?

Ans: I’ve always had a deep love for EDM, Dub-step, Trap and Pop/Hip-Hop crossovers. It was inevitable that once I found an appreciation for beat production, that I’d lean more in that direction.

Q: Are you working on any upcoming projects right now?

Ans: Currently working on a few projects. I’ll soon be working with a great Pop/EDM publishing company,  writing with several EDM producers.

Q: You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from?

ANS: Inspiration comes from my experiences as a confident woman doing her thing in New York City, surrounded by the art, the music, the culture and the grind.

Q:Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to sing, songwriter or produce as a career?

Ans : Treat it like a career

Q: What advice do you live by?

Ans:  Those who believe they can conquer, will – Virgil

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