Antje Boermans is from the Netherlands and is a well established actress in Holland. She has been in so many movies and TV shows it’s almost hard to know where to start.

Antje first became interested in acting growing up in the Netherlands, before she was even 3 years old and it looks like she’s never going to stop acting. She has studied extensively with some of the best acting teachers in the Netherlands and Los Angeles and she has been in countless TV series and movies, among them are Accused, The Domino Effect, De Uitverkorene, Hidden Flaws and Zuz & Zo, to name a few. Zus & Zo was a Dutch motion picture that Antje was featured in and it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Antje has some interesting projects coming up but we have been sworn to secrecy so you will have to wait until 2017 to see what’s up her sleeve. She did allow us the freedom, however, to talk about choosing the right acting school or teacher and how important it is to look around if you feel that the one you have right now isn’t a perfect fit. The world renowned Margie Haber Studio in Los Angeles is Antje’s pick. She went through several studios before attending Ms. Haber’s classes and it changed her professional outlook and professional life. She feels that the right acting teacher, like Margie Haber, will enable you to stop “acting” and just live the life and to simply “be.” Of course, she means that your acting will be so natural because it will be coming from your heart and it will be real and not just pretending.

We saw Antje in a few things recently and we have to agree that she is not acting in any of her roles – she “is” the character and the inner reality she brings to the parts the plays enhances the production and allows the audience to suspend their potential disbelief while watching the show. Besides some of the well-kept secret projects that are coming out in 2017, this starlet has some pretty exciting things coming up. Stay tuned!