An Exclusive Interview With The Founder Of Everlasting TV “Natashia Brewer”

Natashia Brewer is the founder of Everlasting TV LLC, which is about to launch a brand-new channel on Roku. The channel which is named after her company Everlasting TV is much different to the other channels out there.

Q: Please introduce yourself to our reader?

Hello, I am Natashia Brewer the Owner/Founder of Everlasting TV. I was born and raised in Washington, DC but reside in Maryland with my family. In addition to creating Everlasting TV, I am also a content creator and writer.

Q : What is the name of that channel?

The name of the channel is Everlasting TV. The definition of everlasting is lasting forever or a very long time. We are a Christian-Based channel and God is everlasting. As a creative, we have a responsibility to produce content that is going to uplift humanity and not tear it down. What we create will live on when we leave this earth, so we must remember that. Your children’s, children’s, children will be able to access what you created in this present time. What do you want to be remembered for? being said, as long as we (Everlasting TV) resides in the Lord, we will stand the test of time and be around forever.


Q: What’s the hopes for Everlasting TV– what you would like to see them achieve in terms of performance in general?

My hopes for Everlasting TV are to make a great impact on the world. To shift the narrative of what people, perceive entertainment to be.

Q: Where do you see your channel five years from now?

I see Everlasting TV in five years on multiple streaming platforms and on cable television. We will have various community outreach programs in place. We will continue to do our part in make this world a better place.

Q: What is your experience with making quick decisions?

I have a background in IT project management where it is important to have all the details prior to making a well-informed decision. I do not drag things out, but I do my due diligence. I research and get all pertinent information prior to making important decisions.

Q: What is your experience with social media?

I have been using social media for many years. I do not have a ton of experience with like social media marketing or anything like that. One thing I think is important when on social media, a couple of things, be authentic and remember the internet is forever.

Q: How can we follow you on social media?

You can follow Everlasting TV on Instagram, Facebook, and Periscope @everlastingtv and I am on Instagram, Facebook, and Periscope @itstashiab