A Latest Conversation With Cirex

Cirex (from Puerto Rico) clearly takes this extremely seriously in the studio when it comes to quality and has made sure we’ve got the very maximum coming at us in sound, on every second. While it’s always going to be a challenge for a genre like this to gain acceptance among the mainstream, there are certainly a ton of people just like myself who have been waiting for a new innovator like Cirex to come along and get us excited about the incredible places that you CAN take electro music and bring it back to the forefront of our musical obsessions.

1. First, theres another new track coming for free featuring ‘DUBA’, an obscure Hip Hop artist, and the same time, believer in God as you, right?

Jared (real name) is a nice rapper, I choose him because is the the type of Rap/ Hip I would like todrop lyrics on my tracks!! His tempo is unbelievable, you got check him out, actually, is kind of popular on youtube. I worked with Him on 2009 on one track and here we are again doing a track, the name of the track is “City turn outside down’.

2. What about your own track Wall, is getting good? People likes it?

So far, yes, I am over 1, 00 listener on my soundcloud, and another 1,000 on youtube. The sales on itunes?? I will know in 3 months.

3. Puerto Rico again: You will stay there, or you are moving in the near future?

I will spent few months here, political issues, them, maybe December,  will move back to Florida, my second home.

4. I see you have a ‘verified’ badge on your facebook, and 6 wikipedias on different languages, over 25,000 instagram followers and over 12,000 followers on Twitter, are you consider famous?

Not yet, thats only social media and whole internet. For sure, it helps me, and there are “Rap/DrumNbass/Dubstep, Rock Stars who follow me, but I have to promote more. Sadly, here in Puetrto Rico there’s almost no chance on Newspaper for artist like me,

5. Political Issues on Puerto Rico??

Hahahaha , This is like the series ‘House of Cards”, a lot of things are happening here, over-paid comtracts, we have a Mayor in Guaynabo, guilty for sodomy, people here are protesting to leave the Town House and he don’t  want, even the Governor say he must be leave his charge. The University of Puerto Rico is suffering the worst defecit in History. In June were be a plebecite to chose between Statehooh, or Independence (with some association with USA) I will chose Independency!

6. Music, future project?

First, I will release another song with Duba, then, I have already 5 songs, I will make 5 songs more, and the whole album will be free to download.

7. How is the music scene in Puerto Rico?

Still Underground, sadly, and I do not see it is growing, 1996, was the best year in rock, industrial, etc…. Ii wish 2017 will become 1996 J

8. How is the process for you to make a song??

Pretty hard, well not for me, but is tme consuming. I record (thats the longest, making the loops), then mixing, then add sound effects,clean everything, and final process mastering.

9. Can you give you a link to hear all your music??

http://www.cirexmusic.com (all my social medias are there, easy to click)

Thanks for your time!!!!