The Impeccable Work of Music Extraordinaire Jake Carmona

Some of us are truly lucky to know what we want to do with our lives at a young age. Jake Carmona, the Mexican record producer and recording engineer knew that he wanted to be in the music industry when he was just a boy and his parents were totally supportive. His dad, the great guitarist Kukin Carmona and music producer at Universal Music Group, put him to work as an assistant recording engineer when he was fourteen. We could stop here and say: “And the rest is history,” but we’ll press on and give you a few more details on this most interesting music producer.

Jake has received numerous awards and nominations including a Latin Grammy Award for Costumbre’s Siempre (Best Norteño Album) and a Grammy Nomination for Nadia’s A Puro Dolor (Best Regional Mexican Music Album).  He was also the producer of The Warning’s first album XXI Century Blood along with their concept album Queen of the Murder scene. Jake is producing their third album, which is due for release in late 2020. The Warning just performed two completely sold out shows at the famous Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood. Jake enjoyed being a part of The Warning’s family and he totally enjoyed collaborating with them as composer and arranger.

Jake is also producing a second album (he produced their first album too) for the band Mutum. It’s been eight years since they have worked together and they are all looking forward to the Symphonic Metal project’s success. Jake has worked with a lot of groups and solo artists and he has enjoyed the creative synergy that resulted from their collaboration. He also loved working with the group Mind Cinema, for whom he wrote songs and even performed with them. He produced three albums for Mind Cinema.

Some of Jake’s favorite records include Norah Jones’s The Fall and Punch Brother’s Who’s feeling young now? These records, among many others, were produced and engineered by Jacquire King, who Jake studied under in France. Jake loves all types of music and he has been nominated for awards countless times for Best Rock and Pop albums and for Mariachi music. It was Costumbre’s record Siempre, on which Jake was the recording engineer that won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Norteño album. That was only his first Grammy, with many more to come.