An Exclusive Interview With iamhonesthive

Do you teach music?
-A- yes to anyone who wants to learn. Music is about showing love.

Do you attend sessions?

yes everyday. I use to go to A professional studio but I took the time to build my own so now I’m A homebody artist.

Records & Tape’s?

Tape’s I use to listen to Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, Destiny Child.

Age you started singing?

I don’t sing I rap. And I started at the age 13.

Is your family musical?

yes all of my father children either sing or rap. My mother side is all rappers.

Any events or any recording in progress?

No events right now but there will be soon. And I’m always working on A new project. I just released A song called “FOR MY PEOPLE” A couple days ago. But I will be releasing two more with my two artist Dank and Dc.

How easily does songs come to you?

very easily I can come up with A song just like that.

Who are your inspirations?

My family ,Friends , Supporter’s , Fans , HHR Team.

You write your own music?

yes no ghost writer but I’m A ghost writer for A few known Artist.

Favorite song at the bar ?

you remind me By Nickle Back