Upload Your Music To Win £250

BuyBackingTracks.com is for artistic individuals and production companies looking for royalty free background music to blend seamlessly with their creative projects.

For your chance to win a cash prize of £150, simply go to BuyBackingTracks.com, upload your songs or instrumentals and four music-maker chosen at random on 1st March 2021 will each win £150.

Since its recent launch BuyBackingTracks.com has been wowing its initial users immensely and music-makers from as far afield as the United States, Germany and Brazil are generating an income for themselves.

Music on BuyBackingTracks.com is uploaded by music-makers, who upload their music for free, set their sale prices and receive sales payments instantly; I’ve seen songs sell for $1 and others for $50.

But what sets BuyBackingTracks.com apart are their unique music players, in addition to the main music player and the mini music players on the community page, each music-maker has their own music player.

These music players are amazing promotional tools for sharing music on social media platforms and the search technology simplifies finding the right the music for the right price.

The friendly feel from BuyBackingTracks.com comes via their community page, populated with the latest music and videos, this page is very interactive and the comments come from actual enthusiasts, so you can bet on direct feedback.

All music-makers on BuyBackingTracks.com have their own profile page, where you can find their picture, biography, videos, social media links and of course their music and music player.

 “I think BuyBackingTracks.com is filling the void for the talent in the industry who are looking for a platform to help them to unleash their creativity”, says its co-founder, Johnny Walker, a music producer who been involved the music industry for over 30 years.

BuyBackingTracks.com has found the perfect balance between a social media network for music for a global community of independent music-makers and a royalty free music library for the creative industry.

I have only recently discovered BuyBackingTracks.com but I am sure the creative industry will definitely have no trouble in finding the perfect music to complement, inspire and blend seamlessly with their projects.

 Written by – Derek Brown