There is a movie that’s in the works right now called Ramification that involves some interesting players and has an interesting story behind it. It was developed from a very successful, four-minute film called The Silent Peace. That short film, which is doing quite well at some very prestigious film festivals, is about suicide from the perspective of the suicide victim.

In larger terms the short film and the feature film Ramification are both about how the choices we make in our own lives can have a life-altering ripple effect on those around us. The Silent Peace, which was brilliantly directed and acted by Mark Child, illustrated not only the hell people go through when they are in a suicidal state of mind but also how that inerasable event can and will change other lives forever. Ramification takes that concept to a larger arena with more actors and obviously more dialogue and action. It takes the audience a much deeper journey through all the possibilities of how each human can affect so many other people – even ones who they have never met.

We are fortunate to have a film in the movie business challenging this huge problem. And we are also grateful for another film from Amy Child Productions, the producer extraordinaire, without whom we would not have such a wonderfully humorous and entertaining movie as For All Eyes Always. Ramification is said to be a moving testament to humanity in all of its rich textural layers of emotional ups and downs. Which is a no brainer with this cast and crew.