I Might by SNY

Freestyle hip-hop artist SNY is riding the waves of his success by delivering another dynamic single, “I Might.” From the triumph of his debut album, The Distance Between Dream” SNY looks to capitalize on his momentum with this party anthem. Rich with syncopated beats delivering tension on the upbeat, SNY blasts through his rhymes with ease, showing maturity as a lyrist, and professionalism as an artist. The clever use of his repeated choruses details a complete songwriting structure, the fact which he is not saying anything lucid points to the ability to make the incomprehensible intelligent.

 As the percussion delivers that double snare hit followed by the bass groove, the overall funk of “I Might” shows its potential in the market.

“I Might” is well-mixed with the already mentioned percussion hits sounding clear; the high overtones are clear and distortion-free at high volumes. The steady bass groove creates a droning atmosphere in which SNY can freestyle over this low-end canvas.

This track would make an excellent fit for any urban radio format. However, the only discernible lyrics are the profanity which may hinder radio play. With its high replay nature and fantastically infectious melodies, I Might” should receive heavy rotation in the club scene as any hip-hop DJ would benefit from these beats in their playlist. “I Might” is a very enjoyable track, demanding to be played over again.

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