BAG SZN by Kid Fre$h

 With a rapid succession of lyrics in a clear and concise manner, Kid Fre$h delivers the goods on BAG SZN. A showcase of lyrical, rapping talent this freestyle Hip-Hop single is rich with imagery, metaphor and provocative concepts exploring the theme of making it in the ever-competitive Hip-Hop genre. “It’s the season to be rich,” along with other decrees of the prize of hard work, dedication and loyalty BAG SZN is an exploratory into the mind of a hungry young artist poised to make his mark.

Although many of the lyrics are explicit and not suitable for family reading, the message is on point and direct with its meaning. Accompanied by a deep bass groove, strong percussion and a synth clap highlighting the off-beat, Kid Fre$h raps in a syncopated fashion behind the beat giving this track movement and a complete feel. As the lyrics are emphasized on every off-beat, the overall structure of the singing gives BAG SZN a repeatable quality which increases listener satisfaction.

The production on BAG SZN is well-executed as the strong Hip-Hop beats are always in the foreground and offering slight variations. The mix is however well blended as each frequency, and each sample is placed within its range, avoiding muddling and distortion.

Although this track may not find its way on to urban radio playlists, BAG SZN would be a tasty addition to any DJ club playlist. The high energy beats and rapid rapping is a demonstration of hard work and dedication to the craft, which should be shared with many. An enjoyable track and one of many singles to come from Kid Fre$h in 2019 stay tuned, this young career is about to take off.

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