The Happy Curmudgeons are a group of studio musicians organized by Dave Hamilton. Hamilton wrote orco-wroteall11tracksontheirfirstrelease,Meant2Be. Meant 2 Be was produced by Nate Harasim and Mark Byerly. The Happy Curmudgeons are: Dave Hamilton (Vocals,Acoustic&ElectricGuitars)JeffWarner(Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Mandolin) Amy Dixon- Lavery (Vocals) Jay “Tumbleweed” Burrs (Harmonica). Also appearing on Meant 2 Be: Takashi Iio (Bass), Keith Leonard (Bass), Shawn Ramsey (Bass), Dylan Hornsby (Bass),RickBeamon(Drums) NateHarasim(Keyboards and Piano – courtesy ofYamaha), JeffTaboloff(Sax) and Marlow Ray Morgan (Vocals on Burn Sugar Burn)

The Happy Curmudgeons released Meant 2 Be on December1st,2017. Theirfirstperformanceof2018will be on February 17 in the Centennial Room at Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids, MI.


Marlow Morgan (Vocals), Dave Hamilton (Guitar, Vocals), Keith Leonard (Bass) and Rick Beamon (Drums) https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/4s1pdjsv104am51rdbVIYV

Dave Hamilton