Disha Manocha Sharing Her Incredible Talent With The World

Disha Manocha, Writer. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? And that’s exactly what Disha is – a writer who started out by working for CBS on the series Good Sam as a Production Assistant. Disha Manocha was and is willing to work hard and was eager to start at the bottom and work her way up, which is exactly what a Production Assistant job is all about. It is an entry level position, generally the first job people get when they start in the entertainment industry. She is not concerned about moving up into a writer’s job because she knows that through persistence, along with her amazing writing talent, she is confident that she will soon be sitting at the writers’ table with seasoned writers who started just like she did.
Only five years ago, Disha got an intern job at The Walt Disney Company, India, in Mumbai. That means that she started at the bottom and then worked her way up into assisting with promotions for the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Cars 3, and Thor: Ragnarok. Three years after that, she was in the United States working on her Master’s Degree at Chapman University. Was she working at Trader Joe’s while she was doing that? No, of course not. She was and is so focused on her career goal of being a writer in the entertainment industry that she targeted her chosen field to work for as she pursued her degree. She worked as an intern once again for several small production companies and then she signed on as a writer for Disney, (Yes, we said WRITER) where she worked on the talent Showcase 2021. That job had her pitching ideas and scenes to executives and to the Showcase Executive Producers. She was also assigned to write original scenes that were presented at industry wide screenings.

Disha is a wonderful example of how to make it in the movie and TV business – or to achieve any goal you can dream up, for that matter. She saw a path and took it. She also took advantage of every opportunity that was put in front of her and she had something to offer the industry in return: writing talent.