Almost everyone loves movies and many fans can rattle off the names of the actors, directors, producers and writers but no one ever talks about the mix engineer. Even people who went to film school never talk about this behind the scenes artist who is constantly busy making movies much more complete and arguably better by mixing and adding sounds to music and films. They also mix the sound for live shows and their goal and their focus is to make the quality of all sound that the audience hears as high as is humanly possible.

Mix engineers, also called sound engineers, like Jerome Renard, are experts in their field and they take great pride in the work they do and they take even greater pride in satisfying their clients as well as the audience of the end product that they have engineered. Jerome has years of sound experience behind him. He has worked all across Europe and has mixed sound for high-profile artists in multiple genres, including, Pop, Electro, EDM, HipHop, Singer/Song-Writer and RnB.

He has also collaborated with top-producers and composers such as John Metcalfe, Simon Philips, Robin Dimaggio, Nuccio Tortora.

In 2015, he launched a non-profit company called Chêne Noir, to help new artists and bands access professional recording and mixing facilities. Since then, Jerome has worked with labels to develop upcoming and developing artists such as Tanaë who was recorded in 2017 and who reached the first million stream in 2018. Also in 2018, Wadakyz, who signed their first released record with Air France Airline that played along side its advertising and then signed a deal with Soonvibes, a label supported by David Guetta.

Jerome’s career has been busy, to say the least. He recorded an album with the singer and actor Marie-France written by Jacques Duvall, a famous Belgian songwriter. He also worked for the international Producer and DJ Patrick Samoy. He recorded new vocals and mixed new and old songs from one of his major projects, Paradisio which was released on the album “Greatest Hits (20th Anniversary).” He spent a month working on a record with producer and drummer Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, The Who, etc.).

Originally from Belgium, Jerome plans on eventually moving to and working in Los Angeles, California.